About New Moon Maven

Hello and welcome to New Moon Maven, a blog dedicated to new moon calendars and more.

A new moon is the first lunar phase that happens about once a month or, 29.53 days on average. The moon itself is not visible though you may be able to “see” it because it blocks the visibility of the stars behind it.

Why create the schedules of the new moon dates?

Why not? I’ve always been fascinated by the moon. My late father’s hobby was astronomy. I still continue to stare up a the stars and moon all these years later. On the new moon, the constellations stand out even more. And despite it being darker, it can be inspirational for a new start. 

And for anyone that knows the moon affects the ocean tides, keeping an eye on the calendar is also helpful when there’s a big storm coming. For those that live along the coast, you know how the ties are even higher on certain moon cycles!

So New Moon Maven is here for your information and entertainment purposes. Check out the calendars and other information available.

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Moons in 2022

Latest New Moon Calendars

Each new moon calendar includes the dates when they’ll happen, or when they did, along with the solstices, equinoxes, and eclipses. Some years will have a black moon, and in other years there are months that will have two new moons.